Fences are interesting things, and I should know, I make them for a living. While you’re probably not surprised I find them interesting, let me explain.  IMAG0098

There are few things of beauty (I’m referring to the fences we make, of course) that are also functional and provide a level of security either personally or professionally. But while most consider fences functional and secure, few think of the word beauty when describing them­─unless they’re driving through a neighborhood filled with 10,000+ square-foot homes. Oh, and most think a fence is something you’ll have to replace in a few years, and at a high cost, the type of expense that provides the joy of a root canal or new tires.

Why not have functional, secure and beautiful? Oh, and I forgot the other element…re-sale value. Remember, it’s all about curb appeal, and if your property is lined with functional, secure and beautiful, you’ll be able to add another description to the list:  great investment.